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Current Release Info:

* For the game to work on some video cards it requires for the latest video card drivers to be installed. Please go to your video card manufacturer's website and download the most recent drivers for your card

Default Install Path:
C:\Program Files\Electric Gandhi Studios\Quintessence

Minimum Specs:
* Windows XP or higher
* Direct X 9
* 2GB RAM or more
* 512 MB Graphics memory
* 128 MB hard disk space (1GB recommended)
* NVIDIA Video Card

* 1 for Water Form
* 2 for Fire Form (unlocked after you clear Fiery Sanctum)
* W, A, S, D for movement
* Spacebar to jump; press in midair to double jump (in Fire Form)
* Q to use Puddle Ability (in Water Form)
* E to activate blocks and emblems (Must be the correct form to activate)
* Tab to lock-on
* Caps Lock to cycle targets
* Left-click mouse to shoot
* Right-click mouse to melee attack
* Enter to Skip Cutscenes/Tutorial
* Backspace sets the camera to its default position
* - key to zoom out
* + key to zoom in
* Arrow keys/mouse for menu movement
* Enter and left-click mouse for menu selection
* Esc to pause, panic, get out of You Win/You Lose screens
* Alt+Enter to toggle full screen